Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Pioneering a new generation in user authentication.

SMS PASSCODE is pioneering a new generation of more intelligent, flexible, and user-centric authentication that gives you the power to balance strong security for your business with high convenience for your users.

With a track record of thousands of client installations around the world, we know what it takes to protect your remote access systems and cloud applications in a secure, flexible, and convenient way, no matter whether your users are logging in from London, New York, Berlin or Bangalore.  

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SMS PASSCODE delivers industry-leading value in four key areas:

Easy for IT to Implement, Manage and Scale

SMS PASSCODE is easy to install, deploy and administer. SMS PASSCODE offers flexible policy-driven administration, and protects multiple platforms on a global scale. SMS PASSCODE seamlessly integrates with both remote access systems and cloud applications.
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Reduces Costs and Improves ROI 

With a lower TCO (typically 50 percent lower TCO compared to traditional solutions) SMS PASSCODE offers an affordable multi-factor authentication solution that is highly secure, easy to deploy, manage and use. This keeps the TCO to a minimum, enhancing the ROI for customers while boosting organizational productivity gains. 
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Makes Security Hassle-Free and Painless for the User

SMS PASSCODE improves security without sacrificing productivity. The solution is intuitive and so convenient that end users will happily maintain compliance. Using contextual information to assess the threat level, it automatically adjusts the level of authentication needed. Implemented worldwide, it works with all types of devices.

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Prevents Security Breaches with Contextual Intelligence 

SMS PASSCODE is realtime, session-specific, and takes advantage of contextual information when validating the user, thereby protecting against identity theft and modern Internet threats.
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